Art and Chocolate

Modern Chocolate is considered to be a dynamic element. Nowadays, it is not only a central attraction for cuisine, but it also plays an important part in movies, museums, expositions, etc.In 2000, the movie producer Lasse Hallstrom adapted the book “Chocolat”, by the author Joanne Harris, and made it into a film. In this movie, Chocolate is viewed as a dramatic metaphor for pleasure and freedom with Johnny Depp and the French actress Juliette Binoche.

The story is about a woman who moves to a small French village with her daughter to open a chocolate shop, which shakes up the rigid morality of the community. By the end of the movie, this woman ends up changing the moral of some of the town locals; thanks to her cacao recipes.

Throughout the world, museums dedicate their exhibitions to Chocolate. In United States, there are 4 museums where chocolate is the central piece.

Chocolate is also considered as a super model’s accessory. Indeed, shows are organized in several cities (France, Spain, Italy, United States, Japan, China…) around the world, called “Le Salon du Chocolat” (Chocolate Show). During this show, Chocolate is a central point of interest and it is used in many ways. In Shangai, models have paraded in front of the audience wearing sweet clothes: dresses, shoes and handbags, all made out of Chocolate. This treat definitely has something more to offer than any other on earth!

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