Love and Chocolate

Have you ever wondered why chocolate is a common present on Valentine’s Day. Where does this common belief come from? Let’s talk about it…

Chocolate, called the love medicine, is good for your health and your heart. Indeed, cacao is rich in antioxidant polyphenols. Chocolate also contains a modest quantity of caffeine, which is beneficial for the central nervous system and stimulates the flow of blood to the brain. That’s why it also decreases fatigue.The power of chocolate doesn’t stop there. Actually, this treat helps to improve your mood and respiration functions as well.Let’s be more romantic now. As we explained, Chocolate has good effects on the brain. It increases serotonin levels, which is the feel good brain chemical. Serotonin improves mood and sleeping patterns. Increased serotonin in the brain increases feelings of desire and love. Also, women consume more chocolate than men, which could be one of the reasons why they have more serotonin.

If you think about it, men seem to have been aware of this fact for a long time. Why do you think Chocolate is often considered to be a perfect gift for romantic occasions?

Even if all of this information has been proven with studies, some people still don’t agree with these findings. The reason is simple; individual chemistry plays a major role in how we react to it. If your body does react to chocolate though, then just indulge in it…

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